The Imaginarium

Blue, red, gold, river my veins

spilling out my toes and finger tips

I am Arizona. Tucson; Phoenix

the pecan grove in between.


The big ditch, racing bikes

down its giant hills.

Sneaking tarantulas out of spidery holes

adventurous hikes through dangerous pipes,

into worlds of princesses and power rangers.


Moving. The other side of Tucson is so far away.

Here, smells of tangelos drift lazily through

open windows, lifting spirits, adding to excitement.

the new baby, forces my sister and I outdoors,

snail crushing, popsicle licking by the pool

while toes dangle idly in crisp clear water.


Tasha barks persistently at pools side

I splash about mermaids this time

I’ll be Ariel.

A whimper and a crash, Tasha’s now a mermaid too!


“You are now entering MESA” reads my new life.

The end of my world came, age ten,

I hold my breath, the air seems strange

less desert, more houses

the trees and rocks are fairly similar

A castle for a house!


A fresh wood giant towers over my backyard

a plastic slide tumbles down the front,

I take my place at the wheel of our jolly roger

my brother toddles towards the teetering swing.

no longer brother and sister,

but co-captains of this beastly ship.

My sister rushes toward us sword in hand,

“That scabbard dog,” I think to myself.


Dad gives me a sleepy grin, summer of ‘99

one a.m. but I wouldn’t miss stargazing for anything.

Mom holds my hand we stare into the twinkling night

eyes searching for the glimpse of that one chance comet

tail on fire.


Dad helps me lift the shovel,

the soft earth falls, landing hard, pit pat

our tears run together

a sudden end that came to soon, Papa.


Mazel tov! You’re a woman they say.

A Torah is passed down from generation to generation:

tradition, family, the first hardest day of my life


I read mom The Hobbit;

We watched Hocus Pocus;

But the hospital still smelled the same.

We talked until only I spoke, she smiled

The end was near, I would let go

She had to


In her footsteps I followed,

Sun devils, maroon and gold

Little children looking up

Inspiring generations to come


My foot touched ground

Spanish tangled in my ears

Ballenas, ninos, profesora,


The world I breathed and taught for a year



Whispers in the wind called me home

To the desert land I would return

A small middle school in Phoenix

Where panthers roamed wildly (the students in their uniforms)

I have settled to teach another year of Language Arts

To those willing and motivated

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