The Shadow

So, a few things – I am finally getting settled in my new apartment, in my new city, in my new state. I have a job, and I am excited. It has taken awhile (which is why I haven’t posted much (or anything) on the blog). I was supremely stressed out. Now that I have time to breathe, I have time to consider adding posts. The piece I’m adding now is just a little bit- I may turn it into something or not: stay tuned.

She couldn’t feel anything- it was emptiness. A shadow had been hovering over her and now it was following her into adulthood. It seemed she would not escape this icy grip that clung to her skin dripping death as it shed tentacles spiraling in all directions. Was this her life? To watch helplessly as those she loved turned into ashes and dust; the Earth swallowing their remnants back to whence they came.

How many times could she purge tears of sadness for the lost souls departed to the nether world? It was done. The ache was stretching her thin. She could live amongst the breathing like this, but it was hardly satisfactory and no where near whole.

There had to be more than just the casual explanation that all things wither, as to why death was stalking her. Why she couldn’t go more than a few weeks or months with out the darkness corrupting her life, leaving her breathless. This was all she could thing about. It crawled across her mind tearing her thoughts, until nothing was hers, but the pain she clung to in the pit of her stomach as she considered how death was eating away at the life she had created.